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Come and Discover Your Love of Dance

Don’t miss any upcoming announcements about all of the exciting things happening at DDC.  To keep up to date, please check back here often.  For more information, send an email to gretchen@developpedance.com or call Gretchen at 319-321-8870.Type your paragraph here.

DDC Is Exploding With Dance!

There is so much dance excitement and so many dance opportunities at DDC right now! ​Recital is May 16 at 1:00pm at IMS.

Make-up classes are being held on April 19, May 2, May 11 and May 13.  Download a schedule here  Make-Up Classes.  You can also find information about Recital, Summer Dancing and Summer Dance Camps here

Watch for additional information about Competition and classes for 2015-2016 coming soon.